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You know what my favorite thing about the Homestuck fandom is?

How accepting the vast majority of the people in it are.

I, personally, have never heard anyone speak an unkind word to a cosplayer. I only ever hear compliments or praise or advice to help them if they ask for it! Everyone is accepted, from the people in fancy Ancestor outfits and things that involve giant masks, to the people who’re wearing simple cosplays of the basic kids.

But that’s the general thing, and my reason for really loving that is more personal.

My first time at A-kon (A-kon 22 to be specific), I wore my first cosplay. I was Jade. Just, basic Jade, with a Bec shirt and a khaki skirt and a black belt and finger reminders. I had no money for a wig, so I just used my real hair- which was the right length and style (read: wavy mess), but brown. And I wore my normal glasses, which are brown and more rectangular, because I wasn’t comfortable enough at cons to go blind at that point (got over that by A-kon 23- wandered around unable to see because I had badass pink contacts in for Roxy). Really, it’s a mediocre cosplay at best, looking at it objectively! But I liked it and I enjoyed putting it together and I was very excited to wear it!

This was my first time cosplaying, my first time really doing something to draw attention to myself (even if only a little attention!) and say “Hey! I like this thing! I like it so much I decided to be someone from it for a bit!”

And you know what? With that being my first cosplay, my first A-kon. With how shy I used to be and how hard I was trying to change.

A few unkind words would have completely ruined it for me. I was just…. fragile then! I’m not anymore, not about this sort of thing! But back then? If someone had decided to be an ass and tease me about some aspect of the cosplay, or for being a bit curvier and more solidly built than most would depict Jade as…

Well, I might never have cosplayed again after that!

But I went to the shoot, and ended up having a lot of fun and made a few awesome friends! I wasn’t made fun of or excluded in any way- in fact, I recall getting a few compliments on my finger reminders!

That shoot made my day.

Made my weekend.

Because I was accepted at that shoot, by all the marvelous cosplayers and fandom members, I gained a lot of confidence in myself, and a lot of pride in what is now my primary fandom. Because I had so much fun there, I chose to cosplay Roxy, and will make other cosplays in the future!

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of cosplaying or posting silly cosplay gifs or making hair clips of Homestuck things or being loud and proud on Tumblr or going to meets!

And I have the Homestuck fandom and all the wonderful people that were at that shoot, and every shoot since, to thank for that.

So yeah.

That’s why I love this fandom.

Because everyone in it

is sort of awesome.

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