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I got these finished the other day but never posted pics!

My Homestuck aspect, kid symbol, and cursor hair clips! Plus a large Bec clip I made for a friend using a different method to attach it to the hair clip.

With the exception of the large clip, they’re all ~1 in in at least one direction (which direction depends on the symbol in question), and super glued to the hair clips. Large clip is ~2 in wide and tied to the clip with fishing line.

Fun fact: All of these, plus the mobile I made and the earrings and magnets I plan to make, exist because I wanted to be able to wear a Space symbol on the side of my head. Yup, I made 40+ shrinky dinks and will make more in the future… because I wanted to stick a black and white swirly thing in my hair.

I wore it the day after I made them, once the glue had dried.

It’s perfect. x3

2 years ago on July 7th | J | 20 notes