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So I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline for some reason.

And I found a thing Jade posted to my wall that I had never noticed.

Someone from the A-fest staff snapped a pic of us at the MEK booth.

And it was used as the AnimeFest Bizarre Bazaar page image.

Here, have the big version of that picture.

(it’s even bigger if you drag it to your address bar)

Don’t we look thrilled, as Jade fiddles with paperwork and stares into space, I set my new phone charms upright (you can see the pile of trash from my Moltres figure’s packaging), and the person at the booth next to us looks half asleep.

But whoever set up the booth that day got our damned banner totally flat for once!!!

Great choice, A-Fest. Best page image. :D (I’m actually rather thrilled that I’m on the A-Fest site, I just need to snark at our expressions. xD)

2 years ago on June 15th | J | 1 note